Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hope, Change, and Rachel Zoe

We have four large, lovely windows in our main living area looking out to the street. We live on the second floor of an old restored building located on a small street in the heart of Grand Rapids. Below us are retail stores, West Coast Coffee is directly under us (which means we can move furniture around a little loudly if they burn our lattes).

I'm pretty sure we can be seen by everyone living on the other side of the street, including the ominous Select Bank offices. And I'm pretty sure there's a bank security camera trained on us too. At least, as far as I can tell it's monitoring the entire street around the bank. And every time I pour myself an orange juice.

It's this view, however, that helps me stay up on my Michigan fashion. Smoking is definitely in. Long down-comforter coats are in. The jeans with white tennis shoes look is definitely everywhere. I can't really say anything too condescending though without noting I practically plan what I'm wearing around what wool socks I have clean. And not much looks exciting with the same darn coat every day either. I hate my coat now. I once adored it. It's even in my new drivers license photo, peaking up around my living-in-an-Austrian-cellar white face. Ug.

But every now and then a beautiful splash of color walks down the sidewalk and I know deep down there's hope. Not everyone here loves a man with a ponytail, or dies* over hunting camouflage jackets (no pun intended). And I'm sure once it's a little warmer, the clothing choices can only get better. Hopefully.

*copyright Rachel Zoe

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Jim said...

Erin, you just made me laugh out loud! I PRAY that next time I see you and Ketih, he's wearing a cammo hunting jacket!