Thursday, March 12, 2009

Young Couple Seeking Young Couple

I still select the "CA" option from shipping drop down menus. I'm not quite adjusted to being asked "Smoking or Non?" every time we dine out either. And is it my imagination or have they always played California promo ads every Wednesday during LOST?

But far beyond any of these little reminders of missing California is the raw emptiness of missing our friends. It's the first thing either of us will say to anyone inquiring after what we miss most about California. Which is then followed by me running out of the room bawling while Keith covers for us.

"Some ice waves, huh?"

But seriously. We miss you guys.

And missing all of you is only magnified by the fact that we have few friends here. Can I count the coffee shop owner, the dry cleaning people and my hair stylist? We have plenty of middle-aged acquaintances, but most of their kids live either out of state or are busy with an already large family.

So where do we fit? We're hoping we'll meet more young couples at church. Or maybe I'll ask if we can just place an ad in the bulletin, "Young Couple Seeking Young Couple." Maybe we can even stick a photo of ourselves in there too. That'll do it. 


Jim said...

Tag, you're it! (Keith call me back!)

Seriously, let me find another half and then we'll apply to be your other young couple. Can we meet halfway and live in Denver instead though?

Erin said...

Hey Jim,

Keith has been out of town for work, but I'll pass on the message.

Denver. Sounds good. We'll give you a year, or we'll have to step in :)

MIke Trozzo said...

are those bumble bee hats?
miss you 2

Brandy Roebuck said...

Maybe a craigslist ad??? LOL :)