Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kim and the Fantastically Cold Ice Waves

If time allowed, Keith and I would drive up to Mackinaw City, scuttle a few yards onto Lake Huron, and ask the closest ice fisherman to snap a photo of us standing in front of these frozen waves. Maybe we'd make this photo into postcards and you'd stick one on your fridge for a few weeks, pointing to Keith and the girl in the ski mask standing next to him whenever someone asked how we were doing. But for now, all I have are a few pictures of a stranger, we'll name her Kim, standing in front of the ice waves.

Michigan has had the coldest winter in decades. Apparently these "waves" occur when water cools extremely quickly and expands to break through the surface ice, freezing into these minty-blue ice sculptures. This phenomena is seen in Antarctica, but this year, the lucky residents of Mackinaw City in northern Michigan were presented with this lovely little reminder of how freaking cold it is outside.

Kim being silly, as usual


Jim said...

Ahh, that Kim - she's so crazy! Remember the time when she "borrowed" my car to pick up a friend's monkey for her talent show??

Erin said...

Ah yes, I had almost forgotten that incident. I do remember it took you a few weeks to get the smell of monkey out of your car. Ug.